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Did you know if you are stopped at an airport, asked questions by security or have your hand luggage checked, and then allowed to fly... you are not covered by your insurance or the airline/airport if you miss your flight due to the security delay?

This means you could be out of pocket for not just your outwards flight, but also your return flight - as some airlines cancel your return flight if you don't travel outwards on the booked flight out. Even if it's not your fault or you were just randomly selected.

We know certain ethnic minority groups are over ten times more likely to be stopped at British airports.

But we know this can ALSO affect parents who have different surnames to their children, and people with disabilities or health conditions who carry more equipment or medication with them, which may take longer to search.

Insurance companies have indicated they could look at extending their coverage for such delays - IF the Govt gives a receipt for the delay caused by questioning and searching.

We already can ask for receipts for stop and searches in the community - but not for airport searches. This must change.

So we're asking the Home Secretary Priti Patel MP to give a receipt to travellers who are delayed by questioning and searches, to help them claim for any resulting losses on insurance.

Please email or tweet your MP below:

- Email your MP at writetothem.com

Suggested letter to MP - feel free to edit it so it's more personal:

Dear ________________________________ MP,

If you're stopped at an airport under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act, and end up missing a flight because of delays in being questioned or searched, you can't get reimbursement for new flights. Travel insurers can't help here without proof of the delay.

Travel insurers have indicated they would accept an official receipt like those provided for a police Stop and Search - but airport travellers who are stopped for questioning don't get receipts currently. At the moment you can get a leaflet about your rights, but no receipt, if you are stopped and questioned. Receipts are only given if you are taken away for a much longer 'examination'.

This disproportionately affects BAME and disabled travellers who are stopped more for questioning.

Please ask the Home Secretary Priti Patel to provide travellers delayed for questioning with a receipt. This lets fliers chase their own insurers for costs from any delays and not be stranded or out of pocket, so would have very minimal cost to the Government.

I look forward to hearing further. Thank you.

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